Finlay’s Friends is run by a dedicated team of friends and family, all who knew Finlay well and were directly affected by his untimely passing.

The Trustees of the charity are Jen Bennett (Finlay’s mum), Dave Bennett (Finlay’s Dad), Alison Campbell (Owen’s mum) and Alan Richmond (Finlay’s neighbour).

We also have our young ambassadors, Owen Campbell (Finlay’s best friend), Harry McIntosh (Finlay’s cousin), Sean Richmond (Finlay`s friend) and Frasier Bennett (Finlay’s younger brother). The young ambassadors promote the charity within their peer group, bring fresh ideas to the charity and help the trustees understand the current trends, especially with social media!

The charity is consistently and strongly supported by our families and the wider community, notably by Karen Meiklejohn, parents of children of Finlay’s classmates, friends and colleagues. Their support is invaluable and provides the network to ensure the promotion of the charity and ensuring the success of the events held.